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Chapter 06 – HSN Code & GST Rate for Live Trees, Plants, Bulbs, Flowers in India

Chapter 06 of the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) includes live trees, plants, bulbs, roots, cut flowers, and ornamental foliage. These items are essential in agriculture, landscaping, and floriculture industries. Understanding the HSN codes and GST rates for Chapter 06 products is crucial for businesses dealing with these botanical products. Let’s explore the HSN codes and GST rates for Chapter 06 products in India:

Products Description HSN Codes Export & Import HSN Codes GST Rate
Trees and other plants, live; bulbs, roots, and the like; cut flowers and ornamental foliage 0601 060110, 060120, 060210, 060220, 060230, 060240, 060290 5%
Foliage, branches, and other parts of plants, without flowers or flower buds, and grasses, mosses, and lichens, for bouquets or for ornamental purposes 0602 060210, 060220, 060230, 060240, 060290 5%

Please verify these HSN codes, Export & Import HSN Codes, and GST rates with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with Indian tax regulations. This information serves as a guide for businesses involved in horticulture, landscaping, and floral trades, aiding in accurate tax calculation and invoicing.

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