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How to create a certificate with SalaryBox?

1. Choose a certificate template

Check out our expertly-crafted templates and select the perfect one for your requirements. Whether you’re recognizing an exceptional employee or showing appreciation, pick a template that suits you and begin personalizing it right away with our certificate maker.

2. Pick a style

Select a style and create a certificate to recognize and reward your deserving employee. Pick the style to fit your organization’s branding and add personalized text to show your appreciation.

3. Customize the certificate title

Easily customize the certificate title to fit your employee recognition needs. You can modify the title to highlight your employee’s achievements and make the certificate unique to their accomplishment.

4. Write the employee’s name

Add a personal touch to the certificate by including your employee’s name. You to easily input your employee’s name and customize the text to fit your organization’s branding with our certificate maker. Make it a truly special and memorable token of appreciation.

5. Input the message

You can personalize the message for each employee, making their recognition even more meaningful. Customize the text to highlight specific achievements or qualities, and show your appreciation in uniquely.

6. Sign it with your company name

Make the certificate official and branded by adding your company name as the signature. With our online certificate maker, you can easily customize the signature section to include your organization’s name, giving the certificate a professional touch.

7. Put the date

Adding the date to the certificate is a simple yet significant detail that makes it all the more special. With our online certificate maker, you can easily include the date on the certificate to commemorate the day of recognition.

8. Download and share the certificate

After creating the perfect certificate, it’s time to download and share it with your deserving employee. Easily download the certificate in various file formats, making it accessible to everyone.

Why rewards and recognition is important?

Appreciate their work

Boost your employees’ morale and motivation by showing them that their hard work is recognized. This recognition can encourage them to continue excelling in their work or even strive to improve further.

Gain employee retention

An employee of the month certificate can show your employees that their contributions are valued. You can inspire a sense of loyalty to your organization, ultimately leading to employee retention.

Boost trust in company

Leaders who acknowledge and appreciate their employees’ work are more likely to earn the trust of their team. By recognizing their employees’ efforts, managers can create a positive work culture that fosters motivation.

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