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Say goodbye to the manual calculation

Leave all the hassles of payroll management behind and make all the calculations in a few seconds.

Pay salary

Accurate and compliant payroll​

Reduce the time spent on payroll management processes and eliminate the inaccuracy in calculations with SalaryBox.

Salary structures

Don’t spend too much time assigning salary structures for each and every employee. All you have to do is fill in the components of CTC, and you will get the structured salary template.

Overtime pay

Manage overtime hours and calculate the appropriate pay based on their policy. It enables the app to automatically track overtime hours and apply the correct rate of pay.

Branded pay slips

Release pay slips for your employees digitally on their mobile app, and share them instantly on any device through SalaryBox on any other platform like WhatsApp, or email. 

Salary view

Manage all types of fines in one tap with SalaryBox

Set up policy and seamlessly track tardiness or any other type of attendance policy violation with our innovative payroll management system.

Late coming fine

Set the late coming fine for your employees based on their timing automatically track late arrivals and calculate the appropriate fines based on the organization’s policy. 

Early leaving fine

Enforce your policy regarding early departures and promote accountability among employees. You can automatically track early departures and calculate the exact fines. 

Right reports, you need the most

Allows you to produce multiple reports and get rid of the need to sift through hundreds of reports with our payroll management system.

Salary summary report

Get an overview of employee salaries and other expenses and enable organizations to make informed decisions regarding budgeting and resource allocation.

Salary detailed report

Get a comprehensive breakdown of employee compensation including detailed information on salary payments, bonuses, commissions, and deductions. 

Overtime report

A report of staff attendance that shows hours worked beyond the standard working timings, and helps you to calculate overtime payments.

Company reports

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