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Pay salary in no time

Access and manage the salary processing digitally with the salary management system.

Pay salary

Supercharge your payroll payments

Shift your payroll paradigm to a staff management system that provides seamless salary payments.

Account verification

Verify employee account details to ensure accurate and timely payment. By securely linking an employee’s bank account details to app, you can transfer their earnings each payday. 

Direct salary deposits

SalaryBox allows direct salary deposits, and making it easy and convenient for you to pay employees. You can deposit the salary directly into the employee’s bank account.


Our app uses industry-standard security measures to safeguard sensitive data and assured that their employees’ salary information is safe and secure.

Reduce employee account management stress

Increase accountability and smart check all the expenses in a more structured way with SalaryBox.

Bank accounting

Enable smooth and accurate payment processing. Our salary management system ensures timely payment to your employees and allows you to keep track of finances.

Bank account management

You can easily manage employee accounts, update their bank details, track payments and deductions, and generate reports. 

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