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Manage leave updates at your fingertips

Stay on top of leave management by receiving updates and approving or rejecting requests on the go.

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Transform leave management experience

Configure every form of leave policy and view comprehensive dashboards and reports to make informed decisions with our leave management system.

Leave Approval

Streamline the process of reviewing and approving employee leave requests. With the click of a button, quickly view leave requests and approve or disapprove. 

Company Holiday List

Set company-wide holidays and events, with customizable settings for specific needs. This feature improves employee satisfaction with better resource allocation.

Custom Leaves

Customize leave policies to meet specific needs. Define and configure different types of leaves such as sick leaves, casual leaves, maternity, bereavement, etc.

Leave management records always on your calendar

Manage time-offs, and key dates with complete accessibility of all history.

Leave Policy

Create and customize leave policies, including different types of leaves. This feature reduces the administrative burden of managing employee leave entitlements.

Leave Request

Simplify the process of requesting and managing employee leave. Employees can view entitlements, request time off, apply for leave within a second.

Leave Report

The feature offers visibility into leave balances, usage trends, and more, enabling organizations to reduce absenteeism while ensuring consistent policy application.

Leave Request Notifications

Offers real-time updates on leave requests, and increases communication between employees and managers. Also, keep your employees informed of leave status changes. 

Employee Timings & Weeks Off

Manage and track employee work schedules, including start and end times, and weekly off days. It enables efficient ways to provide valuable insights into attendance.  

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