Unified platform for all document management

Reduce manual efforts of juggling between folders. Keep all the documents of your entire workforce in one place with our document management system.

Documents of employee

Make document accessibility easier​

Store employees’ documents effortlessly on our document management system which is safe and secure.

Digital Paperwork

Manage all employee documents digitally, such as collecting identity documents and degrees. The app will allow you to submit those documents securely on the cloud.

Easiest Accessibility

An employee no longer has to worry about uploading the same documents repeatedly because they can add those quickly and it can be accessed on multiple platforms.

Documents Search

Forget about searching through millions of documents to find the individual details you’re looking for, you can find exactly what you need in the SalaryBox app.

Employee documents

Keep staff details handy with the document management system

The employees can easily upload their documents on the SalaryBox and you can access it without any hassles. It allows you to centralize all the documents in one place which makes it easier to manage the directory of your entire organization.

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