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Upgrade attendance management smartly

Manage your employee’s attendance without any errors and easily access the data on multiple devices with SalaryBox.

Selfie attendance

Enable intelligent attendance management

Bid farewell to spreadsheets and monitor employee activities in real-time with SalaryBox.

Geofenced attendance

Selfie attendance

Employees can mark their attendance by capturing a selfie within the office area. You will get instant notification of their in and out timings.

Location-based attendance

Simplify the attendance tracking process in your organization with GPS technology. Employees can mark their attendance in the designated area.

QR attendance

You can print the QR code, and employees can simply scan it to mark their attendance. All the attendance data will be updated on the app in real time. With this, you can also monitor the breaks, late punch-in, early punch-out, and overtime.

Attendance kiosk

If your employees don’t have a smartphone, you can convert any smartphone into a kiosk, and your staff can mark their attendance. The attendance data will be automatically updated on the app. Also, you can download the attendance report of the employees.

Transform your staff management seamlessly

Manage every process of time tracking with our attendance management system.

Attendance from multiple branches

Attendance is tracked across multiple branches, providing an accurate overview of employee attendance.

Punch-in / punch-out notifications

SalaryBox provides you with real-time notifications of punch-in and punch-out of staff allowing employers to track employees’ attendance in an efficient and accurate way.

Attendance reports

Granular details with attendance reports

Find out who was on time, who left early, and who was a no-show with the insightful reports of the SalaryBox app.

Attendance summary report

Summarized staff attendance reports, including total hours worked, and tardiness helps monitor and manages employee attendance.

Detailed summary report

Detailed summary reports of staff attendance offer information such as daily hours worked, total hours worked, and any attendance discrepancies.

Late arrival report

Late arrival report of staff attendance records, provides a detailed view of how much time employees were late and why.

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