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Smoothly integrate biometric attendance machine

Advance your attendance management processes with biometric and software integration that eliminates the non-reliant method.

Best biometric attendance machines

SalaryBox is transforming the time-tracking worldview with advanced biometric attendance machines. 

SalaryBox Alpha

Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine

SalaryBox Alpha Pro

Advanced Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine

SalaryBox Alpha Pro

SalaryBox Facescan Pro

AI Facial Recognition  Attendance

Facescan Pro- SalaryBox

SalaryBox Gamma

AI Facial Recognition  Attendance

Smart features that meet all staff management needs

Capture your employee’s attendance accurately and easily access the data on multiple devices.
Attendance tracking
Manage every aspect of time tracking right from clock-ins to clock-outs of the entire workforce.

Instant notification

Get the notifications of attendance as soon as your employee punch in the biometric and monitor it in real-time.
Attendance reports
Generate insightful reports of employee attendance in different formats and keep all the tracking handy.
Automatic data backup
SalaryBox cloud automatically stores and streamlines entire attendance data which you can access from anywhere.

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