Easily Track Salary
and Attendance

SalaryBox makes tracking salary and attendance extremely easy for business owners & their employees.


SalaryBox is changing the way India does business

SalaryBox is extremely easy to use for business owners as well as their employees. Our values are rooted in customer empathy and human-centered design.

We make business operations completely transparent. Business Owners & Employees can track attendance and salary anytime, from anywhere.

We understand that small business owners are hard-working & extremely busy. We completely automate attendance & salary calculation for all employees.

Our vision at SalaryBox is to help blue-collar workers become financially independent. With Salarybox, several thousand workers are receiving salary slips for the first time in their life!

Focus on Inclusivity

Inclusive growth is our core guiding principle. We are relentlessly obsessed with building a useful product for business owners as well as their employees.

SalaryBox is completely secure & respects data privacy. Business Owners love the App for it’s flexibility - we understand how small businesses work & have paid extreme attention to detail, with features such as Salary Advance, Overtime Pay, Paid Leave and a lot more.
We understand that employees’ biggest worry is to ensure they get paid the right amount and, on time. We have built an extremely easy to use Employee App where employees can track their salary & advances in realtime.

Loved by Customers across several industries