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Chapter 50 – HSN Code & GST Rate for Silk

Chapter 50 of the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) pertains to silk and silk-based products. Silk has been an essential commodity for centuries, prized for its luxurious texture and versatility in textile production. Understanding the HSN codes and GST rates for Chapter 50 products is crucial for businesses involved in silk cultivation, processing, and trading. Let’s explore the HSN codes and GST rates for Chapter 50 products in India:

Products Description HSN Codes Export & Import HSN Codes GST Rate
Silk worm cocoons suitable for reeling 5001 500100 0%
Raw silk (not thrown) 5002 500200 0%
Silk yarn (other than yarn spun from silk waste) 5003 500300 5%
Silk waste (including cocoons unsuitable for reeling, yarn waste, and garnetted stock) 5004 500400 5%
Silk yarn and silk fabrics 5005 500500 5%
Silk fabrics 5007 500710, 500720, 500790 5%

Silk holds significant cultural and economic value in India and globally. The silk industry encompasses various processes, from sericulture (silk production from silkworms) to weaving and finishing silk fabrics. Businesses dealing with silk and silk-based products must adhere to the correct HSN codes and GST rates to ensure tax compliance.

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